SEO Essex

Search Engine Optimisation for businesses in Essex

W3 Applications and Essex Website Design have recently partnered with a number of specialist SEO firms to deliver a package of web designs and search engine optimisation services tailored for businesses in and around the Essex area.

Search engine optimisation requires multiple specialist skills at all levels of website development.

The design and build of the website are crucial to enabling search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find all the pages on your website and work out exactly what your key words and messages are. And the quality of the text within the pages of the website is also crucial.

Take this website for example.  If someone is searching for the term "SEO Essex" and those words do not appear anywhere in the website, Google won't find them, and our website will not appear in Google under those search terms.  But what if people are searching for "Search Engine Optimisation Essex"... or subtly different, "Search Engine Optimization Essex"?

The problem is that Google has to try and work out from the text of the page, exactly what services you are providing, and the public will search for very subtle variations on everything.  You might find that "SEO Essex" is searched for 5,000 a month, whereas "Search Engine Optimisation Essex" is searched for 4,000 times.  You obviously want to be listed under both those terms.  So how do you do that?  Well the text on this page should give you a clue!

Whilst acting as a genuine article and explaining the issues and the services we provide, this page is also an opportunity to get some of our most important keywords into our website.

And that's how SEO experts have to think. It's no use just "spamming" the search engines by repeatedly listing your key words over and over.  Google is much more clever than that.  Articles have to be well written, informative, and not include too much repetition.

And external influences can also have a big bearing on search positions.

Social Networking and Search Engines

I'm sure most of you will by now have heard of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Linked in.  These are just a few examples of social networking sites and in recent years they have become huge.

But more importantly to businesses, they have become a hub of communication.  Businesses and private individuals discuss evrything from politics and religion to news and business matters. And this is why search engines are taking so much interest in them.

During online discussions, people inevitably share links and tell each other about important pages on websites. So the search engine companies try to read those posts, decipher what is being discussed, and use them as a guide to what is on the website being referred to.

OK, a single post may not have a huge impact on your search engine positions, but when dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands of people are reading, sharing and passing on referrals to the post (by way of the"Like" or "Re-Tweet"buttons for example), Google can really sit up and start to take notice.

So, by taking our term "Search Engine Optimisation Essex" above, writing a useful article, then sharing it with everyone we know; if that article is interesting enough to be passed on to others, the article starts to go viral and, in turn, your website starts to beome a little more important in the eyes of Google.

What do SEO Experts do?

So, this is where a good SEO company comes in to play.  They will sit with you; analyse what your business is all about; look at the search engine statistics to find out where the best matches are between your services and what people are actually searching for; then look for ways of improving the text, structure and linking within your website.

They then look externally to see how articles on blogs or social networking sites may help to improve search engine ranking and targeted traffic.

W3 Applications build websites that are well structured and naturally search engine friendly.  And our websites come complete with all the tools you, and your SEO company need to make your website fuly search engine optimized. 

Online Media Direct can help improve the text on the website, and improve external influences by writing blog articles, social media posts and they build high quality links pointing to your website, driving new traffic in your direction, and pushing your website up the Google rankings.

No one can guarantee top positions.  It simply isn't possible, and you should treat any such claims with a huge pinch of salt.  However, a good SEO company will make sure that your website stands the best chances of gaining success in the search engines for the most feasible of your important key words and phrases.

If you don't currently have a website, call us on 08432 893220 to discuss how we could help you to build a fully optimised website.