Training Services

On-site Training and Tuition

We can deliver training and tuition for all services and products that we provide. We also have a number of one-to-one tuition sessions that can be tailored to individual needs. We may also be able to advise on current government training grants and incentives.

  • W3 Web Manager, Content Management System (several sessions available, covering the use of the system and how to get the most out of it in terms of marking and sales)
  • Developer Systems (How to build websites onto the W3 Content Management System - for experienced developers - requires good knowledge of CSS and HTML)
  • Search Engines and E-Marketing (How to attact the most customers to your website)
  • HITListTM E-Marketing/Newsletter system (for end- users)
  • HITListTM E-Marketing/Newsletter system (for developers)
  • Running an online business (for online shops - covers every aspect of selling online and e-marketing) 
All training and tuition can be tailored to individual needs.  In order to asses the amount of training you need we would need to discuss your requirements and your current level of knowledge.  Please contact us on 08432 893220 or click here to enquire online.