Search Engine Optimisation Essex

SEO that works!

We can advise on all aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO). Our websites are W3C compliant and CSS based, ensuring the search engines can read and index the website easily.  Our content management systems include modules that auto-optimise the web pages. And there are tools to override the automatic optimisation for precise fine-tuning.

Search engine optimisation Packages

We offer a number of SEO packages or can give access to 3rd-party SEO experts.  Our prices start from £50+vat for an initial site assessment/report, or from £350+vat for SEO development work. Please note, all SEO undertaken by us is using our own in-house systems.  We cannot guarantee the quality of 3rd-party website code, therefore we prefer to convert existing websites onto our systems before proceeding with optimisation. This is however usually very straightforward and usually more cost effective than attempting to optimise hard-coded websites.  It also gives you the benefit of our extremely powerful and easy to use content management systems.

Our SEO services include:
  • Website optimisation, assessment of existing websites, search engine submission
  • Fully responsive (mobile friendly) website designs and templates which can dramatically improve search engine rankings
  • Advice on Pay-per-click schemes (e.g. Google, Overture and E-spotting)
  • Affiliate schemes and banner advertising
  • Content managed website optimisation, web statistics and monitoring
  • Advice on search engine optimisation of Flash websites
  • E-marketing and SEO training and consultancy
  • Non-Internet based web marketing and advertising
  • Small business advice on getting the most visitors to a website
  • Content Managed Websites with inbuilt affiliate schemes and SEO management
If you wish to discuss your SEO requirements with and adviser, please call us on 08432 893220 for an informal chat.