How good is your website?


If you're looking for a company to check over your website and advise on how it could be improved, call us on 08432 893220 and ask about our "Website Doctor" and "SEO Doctor" packages.

We will perform a complete analysis on the design and effectiveness of your website and advise on where it could be improved.

The report will include details of the following:

  • Web design - how well does your website match your company branding, USPs, style and market place?
  • How well does your website compare to your competition?
  • How well is your website optimised for search engines?
  • How up to date is the information on your website?
  • How good is your content management system, and could it be improved by upgrading to a better system? 
  • How easy is your website to navigate?
  • How easy is the text on your website to read and understand?
  • Is your website W3c compliant and is it compliant with EU disability and cookie regulations?
  • How could your web design be improved?

For more information on our web design services, please call us on 08432 893220 today!

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