Website and Email Hosting and Support

Professional hosting solutions for Businesses in Essex

We use only the most up-to-date, efficient and secure hosting solutions. Hosting starts from just £50+vat per annum and this gives you unlimited bandwidth, emails and webspace. Fully managed hosting with CMS management/updates/backups etc. starts from just £125+vat.

And in case you're interested in our hosting platform!...
  1. All ourshared hosting platforms are now Cloud based, for maximum speed, flexibility and reliability
  2. BPG4 provides multiple redundant Internet connections for speed and reliability.
  3. At least two routers, running hot standby routing protocol service to guarantee availability.
  4. Multiple firewalls protect servers from malicious traffic, viruses and trojans.
  5. Redundant layer 3-7 switches provide load balancing, fail over functionality and allow us to remove/maintain any server without affecting services.
  6. Primary server and file storage cluster. All data is held on mirrored storage arrays.
  7. Non Internet connected gigabit network provides secure transit for data and ensures that the Internet facing network cannot become congested.
  8. All data is backed up to our tape library on a daily basis.
  9. Replicated database servers are not Internet accessible for maximum security.
  10. Secondary web and file server cluster replicates data from the primary cluster providing service should our primary servers fail

Please note, our hosting is subject to an acceptible use policy. Please click here for more information.